Since graduating 20 years ago, John has enjoyed a very diverse corporate career that started with travelling the roads of Eastern Europe promoting specialised security equipment for banks. From there he moved from sales into marketing and business development leadership roles working out of England before he joined Pronosco, a startup company funded by the Novo Foundation and pension funds. Here John learned all about the ups and downs of startups; starting from scrath, rapid growth and skyrocketing valuation to conflicts with the global sales and marketing partner, subsequent decline and eventual sale of company.

For the last 12 years, John has worked in vice president and senior vice president positions at Coloplast. During that time Coloplast has transformed itself from a manufacturer with a solid and stable performance to one of the worlds best performing medical device companies on all parameters. As part of the Executive Management Forum, John has been at the heart of this transformation in leadership roles ranging from marketing, manufacturing, research & development and sales, where he guided local and global teams of up to 1600 employees through ambitious change processes.

Now John has decided to dedicate himself to the challenge of doing business to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues.

Other activities
Board member, Human Practice Foundation and Partner, Just Business LLC

peter maxsø

For more than 15 years Peter has been a serial entrepreneur. His main focus has been in the areas of leadership training, Human Resource Management and organisational development. During this time Peter has trained, counselled and coached thousands of people in both the private and public sector. He founded and managed the companies Trivselskompagniet and Johansen & Maxsø, and is today associated Senior Consultant at the Copenhagen-based company Spark.

For several years he taught at his own school for leaders called ‘Natural Leadership’. He has developed a number of entrepreneurial projects with a focus on providing leadership training online. These initiatives began in 2011 and 2012 with LedelsesTV (, culminating in his work as the co-founder of the online forum HIPI (

Besides those things Peter has been involved in startups ranging from Software Companies to a Charity Event and a Retreat Center.

You’ll meet…An enthusiastic and engaged man, who loves to reflect and to challenge his surroundings through curios questions and sharp ideas. Peter has a special presence and his talent is to calibrate processes and transform chaos into clarity. He combines disciplined and thorough work with a humoristic and playful approach.